Hi I'm Courtney! I’m a certified health & life coach, focusing on helping women break free from their old ways of being that are no longer serving them by guiding them to shift their mindset, transform their reality, and embody a brand new version of themselves. After overcoming a lot of my own struggles, I found a deep passion from my healing, received my coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and started my own business where I now help others step into the best possible version of themselves through my coaching program, SHE BREAKS FREE.


She Breaks Free is my 1:1 coaching program where together we help you break free from old thoughts, habits and patterns that have been holding you back and develop a whole new way of being. This program is a chance for you to completely uplevel your life by taking control of your mind, improving your quality of life, and breaking free from what is no longer serving you. This 6 month program is a guide to helping you shift your thoughts and transform your reality to step into the best possible version of you.

help with emetophobia


Racing heart. Intense Nausea. Paralyzing fear. Uncontrollable shaking. Stomach in knots. Heaviness in chest. Reassurance after reassurance from family and friends that I was in fact, okay. Rituals said in my head so that I would be in fact, okay. Developing certain habits that I had to do so that I would be in fact, okay. This was a glimpse of what my life looked like for 14 years.

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